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  • property development

  • sale and purchase of property

  • transfer of property between close relatives and assignment in pursuance of Court Order

  • foreclosure and sale by mortgagee / chargee

  • mortgage and re-finance

  • release and discharge of mortgage

  • tender

  • auction

  • tenancy matters

  • acquisition and development of New Territories land

  • PSPS projects

  • Hong Kong Housing Authority HOS and TPS projects

  • Hong Kong Housing Society projects


  • insurance-related litigation

  • personal injuries and employees’ compensation

  • insolvency matters including contentious companies winding up and personal bankruptcies

  • shareholders disputes

  • debt recovery actions including enforcement of any Order made

  • mortgagees and money lenders’ actions

  • other sorts of cross-border litigation

  • building management

  • investment products

  • vendor and purchaser’s summons as well as tenancy matters

  • employment


Matrimonial / Family
  • Separation Deeds

  • Divorce

  • Custody and Access

  • Guardianship

  • Financial Arrangements and Ancillary Relief applications

  • Injunctions

  • Assets Tracing


Corporate / Commercial
  • company secretarial services

  • setting up offshore companies and trusts

  • sale and acquisition of companies and business

  • corporate restructuring

  • joint ventures

  • shareholders’ agreements

  • project financing, syndicated loans and corporate finance transactions

  • negotiation and drafting of artist contracts in the entertainment industry

  • drafting and advising on e-commerce agreement


Intellectual Property
  • trademark, service mark and patent applications as well as agreements for the sale and purchase of such intellectual property

  • infringement litigation

  • injunctions and search orders from the Court


Wills and Probate
  • Estate duty clearance (only applicable to cases where the deceased passed away prior to the abolition of the estate duty on 12th February 2006)

  • Applications for Grant of Probate and Letters of Administration

  • Administration of estate

  • Contentious probate matters


We emphasize team-work to ensure efficient and high quality service delivered to our clients in every transaction and case.  Our practice focuses in the following major areas :-

China Practice
  • All kinds of attesting services by our China-Appointed Attesting Officer


  • All kinds of notarization services by our Notaries Public


Celebration of Marriages
  • Anytime, anywhere as you wish


Civil Celebrant

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